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About this project

Commissioned for a new build arts centre The Witham : a hanging sculpture made of 700 porcelain tiles impressed with local flora and inspired by the life of Henry Witham, philanthropist, amateur scientist and local hero.


sculpture, tiles, porcelain, steel


Ceramics, Pottery, Design


Ceramics, Metal, Organic Material
Hesperides - a hanging sculpture in situ at The Witham
Photographer: www.jillcole.com
700 suspended porcelain tiles impressed on both sides with plant materials gathered from local meadows, trees and hedgerows
Installing the tiles
Photographer: john carrington
the tiles are suspended by steel wire on each of the four corners, connected with copper ferrules, and hanging from a specially constructed steel frame
making: tiles in progress
Photographer: judy caplin
plant materials being impressed into paper porcelain tiles

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