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The Plant Project - Ladies' Mantle

About this project

Working in collaboration with artist Prudence Maltby, I produced a body of work responding to historic properties ascribed to the Alchemilla plant, and its associations with alchemy.
We imagined the vessels which would be used in the gathering and preparation of the herb, and the accompanying ritual which was supposed to be necessary for successful outcomes, particularly in turning base metals to gold. I enjoyed the parallels with ceramics; its hope of elevating clay to something wonderful.


alchemy, function


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Design, Lettering, Wood


Ceramics, Wood
Small pail
Photographer: Martin Urmson
Inlaid vessel with custom ply birch handle
Large tray
Photographer: Martin Urmson
Incised vessel (lettering by Prudence Maltby) with custom ply handle
Gilded pourers
Photographer: Martin Urmson
Tiny vessels with gilded spots, for gathering water from Alchemilla leaves.