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Fairy-tale figures

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About this project

I am working on a series of figures inspired by fairy-tales and poetry. I have a cabin in my studio space that houses an ongoing and changing group of figures. each figure has it’s own story, which changes when put with a larger group.
I collect found objects and sheeps wool on walks which I use in my work.
I am experimenting with painting and glazing the surface,


£40 — £900


ceramic-sculpture, fairy-tale


Ceramics, Pottery


Ceramics, Organic Material, Mixed Media, Gems
detail of Faun
Photographer: Ruth Ward
Detail of Faun sculpture
Photographer: Ruth Ward
Ceramic sculpture
Fairy-tale bear
Photographer: Ruth Ward
Ceramic sculpture
Detail of fairy-tale bear.
Photographer: Ruth Ward
Detail of the bear.
Photographer: Ruth Ward
Carved figure. Ceramic, stone, silk, gold wire, under-glaze. 24 cm tall.

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Materials Ceramics