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Farm World

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About this project

FARM WORLD borrows its title from a ‘model farm’ pack. Elements of this ‘model farm’ are translated to explore much darker aspects of a contemporary agriculture theme which incorporates ethical and ecological concerns about the environment; genetic engineering of crops & species; use of pesticides, erosion of natural habitats and the frequently inhumane rearing and slaughter of animals.


Farming, environment, subversion, GM crops, historical ceramics, crescent arts, staffordshire pottery, installation, political, socially conscious


Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual


Ceramics, Mixed Media
A Poultry Life
Photographer: Karen Thompson
De-beaked and malformed hen egg baskets, this piece takes the historical ceramic egg holders and subverts them into modern day battery chickens, displaying them on a cross between battery cages and supermarket shelves.
Battery Hen
Photographer: David Chalmers
One of the battery hens taken from A Poultry Life.
The GM Reaper
Photographer: David Chalmers
A contemporary modern day Grim Reaper, commenting on GM crops and the unknown outcome they may have on our health.
The Human Milk Cow
Photographer: Karen Thompson
This is a drawing for a proposed ceramic piece in the style of Staffordshire Pottery. It is a response to the fact that Chinese scientists have genetically modified cows to produce human milk for infants.
Earth to Earth
Photographer: Karen Thompson - with thanks to Webb-Ellis
A mixed media composition of plastic farm toys, dead honey bees and a porcelain chemical barrel. This piece is commenting on the use of pesticides and the effect they have on the environment.

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics