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The Language of Clay

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About this project

Kate Haywood | Traces
The latest exhibition in The Language of Clay series
Curated by Ceri Jones

‘The Language of Clay is an ongoing project that celebrates the diversity of accomplished ceramic practice. It presents new bodies of work by selected contemporary ceramic artists with studio practices.’

‘The project comprises touring solo exhibitions. These are accompanied by interpretation material, publications, a handling collection and participatory programmes.’


£200 — £2000


porcelain, Clay, Ceramics, Textile, Mixed media


Ceramics, Pottery, Metal work, Textiles


Ceramics, Metal, Mixed Media, Textiles
The Language of Clay Series
Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
2018, Porcelain and gold leaf
Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
2018, 11x7x10cm, White and black porcelain. Thrown and modelled
Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
2018, 15.5x6.5x5.3cm, porcelain, thrown, pinched, carved and modelled
Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
2018, 9.5x10x2.7cm, porcelain and stain, Thrown, modelled, carved and incised
Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd
2018, 17x9x5cm, porcelain, pinched, modelled and carved

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