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Botanical Studies: Hay-on-Wye

About this project

A collection of plant and butterfly studies created for the exhibition ‘Nature Nurture Nudes’ at The Table Gallery in Hay-on-Wye. The collection was inspired by the flowers and butterflies my children and I see on our way to school in the spring. This exhibition showcases the work of 3 local mothers/artists and I was intrigued by this connection between us and how the everyday routines of bringing children up in the countryside can inspire our creativity.


£250 — £550


nature, studies, wildflowers, flowers, paper, butterfly, embroidery, papercutting, sculpture, botanical




Paper, Mixed Media, Recycled
Hellebores. | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 20cm x 26cm | 2019.
Photographer: Kate Kato
Forget-me-not), - |Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 20cm x 22cm | 2019.
Photographer: Kate Kato
Roadside Butterflies | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 30cm x 30cm | 2019.
Photographer: Kate Kato

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