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Denim Stool

About this project

The fifth leg was the initial inspiration for this storytelling stool made from coppiced hazel. The split "crotch" branch evoked a pair of jeans which with the addition of a hand carved hazel cowboy boot and a blue stain became the fourth and fifth leg of the stool. The woven top was hand woven from a mixture of rush, grasses and dyed straw to reflect the prairie lands of the cowboy.


£200 — £800


weaving, carving, greenwood, organic


Wood, Design, Furniture


Wood, Organic Material
The Denim Stool
Photographer: Fluggadugga
The completed storytelling stool. Naturally dried hazel frame with a hand woven rush, grass and straw seat.
Carved boot
Photographer: Fluggadugga
The cowboy boot carved from hazel leaving some bark highlights dowel fixed to the leg.

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