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Glass Drawing

About this project

As a child drawing was a method for me to quickly and easily express a thought or a feeling without the need for words. I was able to process an emotion or experience by making gestures on the paper. The glass drawings, whilst being a technical exploration of the material, are the next step in the evolution of my visual language.


glass drawing, art, sculpture, light, colour, texture, form




I Wanted To Take The Ocean With Me, 1
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
I Wanted To Take The Ocean With Me was a series inspired by my time in Lybster, Scotland.
Ice Drawing
Photographer: Sylvain Deleu
The Ice Drawing series was inspired by ice forms
Rust Drawing, 2
Photographer: Robert MÃ¥rtensson
Rust Drawing series combines the natural erosion of metal over time with the chemical reaction between two Bullseye Glass colours, to make a third colour, rusty purple.

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