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Carved Vessels

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About this project

The external surfaces of my carved vessels are incised with parallel lines, using a technique that fractures the clay. This creates a texture that is reminiscent of the fragmented patterns found in eroded geological formations. Each piece is unique, not just because it is hand-carved, but also because the underlying form of each vessel constrains the flow of the incised lines. The carved exteriors create a sense of movement that contrasts with the stillness and solidity of the vessel forms.


£50 — £1200


parian, carved, minimal, vessels, bowls, vases, polished, texture, white, porcelain


Group of Carved Parian Vessels
Photographer: Lanty Ball
Carved Parian Bowls, 2016
Photographer: Lanty Ball
Thrown and carved porcelain vessels
Photographer: Lanty Ball
Glazed with celadons and satin black
Large thrown and carved basin
Photographer: Lanty Ball
Grogged porcelain with celadon glaze
Detail of carved texture
Photographer: Lanty Ball

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