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Silk-wool Doubleweave Scarf

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About this project

I love to experiment with different yarns to produce subtly textured fabrics.  In this case I have mixed fine silks with merino wool and lambswool to create a warm but lightweight scarf.


£75 — £125


handwoven, silk, merino wool, texture, scarf




Moss Doubleweave Scarf
Photographer: Laura Rosenzweig
A handwoven scarf which combines fine silks, merino and lambs wools and just a hint of glitter to catch the light.
Stonewall Doubleweave Scarves
Photographer: Stephen Barber Photography
Silk and wool handwoven scarves inspired by the dry stone walls which surround my home in the Yorkshire Dales.
Doubleweave scarves
Photographer: Laura Rosenzweig
Silk and wool handwoven scarves inspired by dry stone walls and the lichens which grow upon them.

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