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Malaria Necklace

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About this project

This piece was commissioned by a medical scientist known internationally for their scientific contributions to the understanding of the anaemia and pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis and malaria in African children.

The necklace represents the effect that the malarial parasite on blood cells as it completes its life-cycle. It is made from kiln-formed red and clear glass, with the addition of electroformed silver and modelling compound.


bespoke, glass jewellery, red, precious metals, malaria


Design, Glass, Jewellery


Glass, Precious metal
Malaria Necklace
Photographer: Lauren Nouvel
Kiln-formed glass and electroformed silver
Malaria Necklace
Photographer: Lauren Nouvel
Kiln formed glass components for necklace

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Disciplines Glass, Jewellery, Design
Materials Glass, Precious metal