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Lazo Studios Ltd

Bespoke Furniture Maker and Artist

London, Greater London


Islamic Design, Middle East, bespoke


Drawing on decades of experience steeped in centuries of tradition, we focus on creating intricate artworks and artisan woodwork with a contemporary twist. With a playful approach to innovation, we combine curiosity with a reliance on our intuition and experience. Nurturing a strong connection to our cultural heritage, while building connections to other places and cultures is an integral part of our practice. We draw inspiration from eclectic sources to deliver bespoke solutions.


The Future of Heritage

01 Apr 2019
The Future of Heritage is a new exhibition at British Council London. The exhibition displays unique handcrafted objects made by artisans from the Middle East and North Africa. Our large Jali Ball is one of the objects on exhibition until 30 August

Available for commissions


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Large Jali Ball and Hand Carved Pavillion

Disciplines Wood, Traditional, Design
Materials Wood

Sunflower Bookcase

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Conceptual, Stone working
Materials Stone, Wood, Paper

Large Jali Panel

Disciplines Wood, Design
Materials Wood