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Sunflower Bookcase

About this project

This wall mounted sculptural bookcase was initially designed as part of an exhibition at the Leighton House Museum in London. The design is inspired by the design of a shamsa - an intricate highly decorative sunburst element. This pieces turns this traditionally miniature 2D element, often used to illuminate the holy book, into a large functional bookcase that contains many books. It features integrated LED lit boxes with rice paper and latticework lids and a Lapis Lazuli inlaid centre piece.


Furniture, Design, Conceptual, Stone working


Stone, Wood, Paper
Sunflower Bookcase
Detail shot of the central light boxes and the Lapis Lazuli inlaid central element.
Sunflower Bookcase
Made of Walnut wood and hand carved in Timurid and Nurestani (Afghan chip carving) designs this wall mounted bookcase measures 200cm in diameter.
Sunflower Bookcase
Sculptural bookcase inspired by the shamsa - Islamic sunburst - design.

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