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Adapted patterns

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About this project

A collection based on the simple schematic linear patterns relating to various types of Greek traditional costumes.
The lines are replaced by the enamelled chain which now forms the silhouette of the garment. The collapsible nature of the piece emphasizes its versatility and suggests its dual functionality. One can either hang it on the wall, creating a visual representation of the garment, or wear it on the body thus transforming it into a new entity as a piece of contemporary jewellery.


£1100 — £3000


enamel, installation jewellery, conceptual, collectible, silver, chain




Precious metal, Glass
Orange Neckline Necklace 2012
Photographer: Liana Pattihis
Inspired by the intricate lace and embroidery on the necklines of traditional Greek costumes. Silver Light Trace Chain, Enamel L78cm
Royal Blue Istos Necklace
Photographer: Liana Pattihis
Inspired by the intricate lace on traditional Greek Costumes. Silver Light Trace Chain, Enamel. L88.5cm
Adapted Patterns Installation Necklace 01, 2012
Photographer: Liana Pattihis
Part of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) New York. Silver Trace Chain, Silver Cable Chain, Enamel. L63cm -204cm
Adapted Patterns Installation Necklace 02
Photographer: Liana Pattihis
Silver Cable Chain, Silver Trace Chain, Enamel L:64cm - 203cm

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