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Reflection and story-telling - 1

About this project

Personal reflection and philosophical enquiry, and with them the need to say, comment or express, creates the narrative that drives most of my work. This story-telling takes the form of jewellery pieces which are, at the same time, a means and an expression of my reflection and growth, and an invitation to the viewers and wearers to also reflect and grow by, quite literally, embracing them close to their bodies.


£700 — £1500


narrative, language, storytelling, found objects, one-off, reflection, philosophical enquiry, reflective practice, mindfulness




Mixed Media, Recycled, Metal
Everything I've Ever Loved About You
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
2019 NECKLACE (Found sheep bone, found ceramic fragment, reclaimed lapislazuli bead, reclaimed copper wire) Veda (Sankrit: विद्या) is mainly translated as learning, philosophy, scholarship and knowledge, uniting together concepts not only of intellectual knowledge per se but a process of enquiry, reasoning and understanding, as per its etymological root Vid (Sanskrit: विद्), also shared in the verb to see (Latin videre), meaning
Are We There Yet: On Recurrence, Recollection and the Resilience of Material Existence
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
2018 NECKPIECE (Hardcore rubble from local and international dirt tracks, new and reclaimed copper, vintage bead necklace, recycled silver) When I started collecting these ceramic pieces, some on the beaches and the countryside near my home, and some from as far as Malta and Italy, the artist in me had not yet been born. And I was then just an observer. It took several years for the puzzle to come together: more aware of materials around me, as well as of places and of the importance of viewing, and beginning to investigate not just the narrative of found objects but the concept of the search itself, I finally realised these ceramic pieces had all been found specifically embedded in dirt tracks, into which they had been compacted as rubble. Earth being extracted, refined, compacted, moulded into domestic ware, fragmented, inserted and compacted again onto earth. And finally extracted again, and remoulded into body-wear. It is only together that these two parts of me could understand the significance of these fragments, which did otherwise appear only connected in their materiality. It is only together with my artist self that we create knowledge.
Blue Rinse with a Chance of Mischief: On the Sweet Perils of Growing Older
Photographer: Lieta Marziali
2018 NECKPIECE / BROOCH (jar lid, rusted drinking can top, plastic sweet wrappers, reclaimed faux pearl, vintage bead necklace, vintage button, copper foil, iron, recycled silver, stainless steel) The artist in me was not born when I was born. But it has grown fast and now we sit together conversing about life, and asking about our place in the universe. Here we muse upon what it is to grow older, and how long it has taken us to gain our independence from the world. But not from each other...

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