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Three Sheds - For Marvellous Mechanicals - Art Unpacked

About this project

Commissioned by Chrysalis Arts for Marvellous Mechanicals . I decided to make automata with a focuson three sheds of contrasting sizes.
Historically, here have been lots of different approaches to automata, but often the mechanism is exposed; there is that delight in seeing the cams working.  But I wanted to develop something more neutral, to make you think about it and what it does or doesn’t do, to make you look more closely.”


£450 — £700


potting shed, horse automata, lisa slater automata, marvellous mechanicals




Wood, Textiles
The Potting Shed
Photographer: by artist
A automata of a gardener at work. with spinning flowers and a mouse.
The Stable
A frustrated horse on a stable who kicks the wall while an owl looks round from a window at the back. Open the roof to see whats going on inside.
Hen House
Photographer: by artist
Automata of a hen house with 3 hens inside all busy doing different things.

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Disciplines Automata
Materials Wood

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Disciplines Automata
Materials Wood, Textiles