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Weaving Ghosts - Norway

About this project

Weaving Ghosts is a touring exhibition that started in Shetland then went to 3 venues in Norway. The work in the show changes as pieces are sold and new ones are made. All of the work in the show is made with materials gathered from or near beaches. Most of it is plastic waste that is now known as ghost gear. The forms are inspired by the materials and the lost tradition of basket making in the Shetland Islands.


£45 — £3000


basketry, weaving, recycling, conceptual


Basketry, Conceptual


Recycled, Organic Material
Deep Six at Halnoy Kloster
Photographer: Lois Walpole
Thermo formed and woven panel. 5m x 1m
The Ossuary and North Atlantic Drift
Photographer: Lois Walpole
Installation at Halsnoy Kloster
Deep Sixty at Halsnoy Kloster
Photographer: Lois Walpole
Thermoformed and woven ghost ropes. 5m x 1m

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Weaving Ghosts

Disciplines Basketry, Conceptual
Materials Recycled, Organic Material

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