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Mapping Space

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About this project

Using data and imagery gleaned remotely and collected on the internet, the Mapping Space project created textural and tactile representations of distant planets. Detailed topographic lunar maps, including scale representations of lunar landing sites, were presented as large tile panels. Inspired by planets, multi-layered glazes pooled in hollows in porcelain and stoneware forms, where the voids of space were presented as solid blocks.


£450 — £2500


porcelain, tiles, moon, lunar, moon map, apollo


Ceramics, Pottery


Lunar South East Quadrant
Photographer: Prudence Cummings
Porcelain tiles mapping lunar topography
Detail from Cometary Knots
Photographer: Prudence Cummings
Crystalline glazes
Saturn Rings
Photographer: Prudence Cummings
Stoneware and brick clay with multiple glazes
Photographer: Prudence Cummings
Porcelain and multiple glazes
Detail Divisions of The Earth's Interior
Photographer: Prudence Cummings
Porcelain globe in two hemispheres

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