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The Found Father.

About this project

The giant jewellery was made to celebrate fatherhood. It is playful and references the vulnerability felt by new fathers. The ceramic pendant jewellery inspired by the Mexican Bola necklace, rattles and the mother wears it on a long chain during pregnancy. The rattle can later be worn by either parent to soothe the infant as the sound will be as familiar as their mother’s heartbeat. The findings are from men’s vintage pocket watches, in recognition of all the fathers that have gone before us.


£42 — £840


ceramics, sculpture, jewellery, celebratory objects


Ceramics, Pottery


Feather Bola Pendant
Photographer: Louise Bell
Porcelain rattle for pregnant women. To be worn by either parent once child is born to soothe
Giant rattle bangles for men.
Photographer: David Stacey
Ceramic large rings that rattle when shaken. Inspired by children's toys and floatation objects - representing a new father's need for support and great capacity for play.
Ceramic rubber ring seat
Photographer: Louise Bell
This is a full size seat made from stoneware. It represents the new father's need to be supported.

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