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Handwoven lambswool blanket throws and cushions

About this project

This evolving collection of lambswool throws are designed and handwoven by Madeleine Jude. They all share an underlying block design which is cleverly adapted to create the very individual designs and motifs. The throws are woven on a 32 shaft computerised dobby loom which allows Madeleine to weave her complex patterns and motifs. The wool is sourced from two British spinning mills. Each design is limited to no more than ten in each colour. Small contrasting stripes indicate the edition number.


£65 — £250


interiors and home textiles, wool, contemporary textiles, dobby loom, complex weave structures


Textiles, Design, Technology, Traditional


Handwoven lambswool throw by Madeleine Jude in 'Lineal' design
Photographer: Madeleine Jude
These strongly architectural, graphic throws are a contemporary take on the work of a group of Swedish women weavers in the early 20th century, such as Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom and Ingegerd Silow, whose rugs are now highly sought after.
Handwoven lambswool throw by Madeleine Jude in 'Coverlet' design
Photographer: Robert Jude
The 'Coverlet' throw takes for its inspiration old European and American blankets and coverlets. They are woven in a twill damask weave which means they have two very contrasting sides, with the reverse colourway on the back side. The twill weave gives the throws a beautiful drape.
Handwoven lambswool throw by Madeleine Jude in 'Moroccan Tiles' design
Photographer: Madeleine Jude
The 'Moroccan Tiles' throw is woven in a reversing twill in British sourced lambswool. The inspiration for the pattern motif is taken from the jewel bright ceramic tiles found in Morocco. The colours - kilim pink, sapphire blue, and lime green, reflect this vibrancy.

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