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Weaving a Path for Trevose Head

About this project

I am literally weaving a path for Trevose Head with my new work, The Trevose Head Collection. By donating £50 from each throw I hope to raise £5000 to help the National Trust protect this precious Cornish headland. There are four throws in the collection, inspired by my childhood memories of the area - Keynvor, a blue for the sea, Pen Trenfos, a green for Trevose Head, Melyn, a yellow for the golden sandy beaches, and Elvan, a grey to represent the rocks and hidden archaeology of the headland.


£185 — £185


lambswool, throws, Cornwall, Trevose Head, charity, National trust




The Kynvor throw and a view of Trevose HEad
Photographer: Madeleine Jude
The Kynvor throw is one of four throws woven to support conservation work on Trevose Head.
Close up of the Melyn throw
Photographer: Madeleine Jude
The Keynvor throw
Photographer: Madeleine Jude

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