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Patchwork Man

About this project

The patchwork figure series was a journey into the darker aspects of self-portraiture using a linked glass fabric or armour as a container for the body. The covering looks strong but is visually light and delicate. The patch-working technique allows a moulded form to be assembled from small off-cuts in a similar way to patchwork blankets that are lovingly stitched together by grandmothers for the cradles of their new grandchildren.


£10000 — £100000


glass textile, human form, human figure, slumped glass, glass sculpture, glass fabric, glass installation, green glass, outdoor installation


Glass, Conceptual


Glass, Textiles
Patchwork Man
Photographer: Simon Kendrick
Green Man
Photographer: Simon Kendrick
Patchwork Man
Photographer: Simon Kendrick

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Materials Glass

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