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About this project

There are times along the way when we arrive at a certain place of importance. These places could be deemed
sacred within a particular faith as in the resting place of a saint, or perhaps the site of a natural wonder like an
ancient tree or a spring. It’s not just the location or ritual and religious backgrounds in these places that makes a
place holy; the atmosphere, the sense of history and the journey – the pilgrimage – to and from that place contribute
to the experience.


£1200 — £4500


sacred, yew tree, glass casting, uk glass, kiln formed glass, glass texture, waymarking




Mossy Bank
Photographer: Katarina Tamova
Cast crystal relief of an ancient pathway covered with moss
Ancient Yew, Ulcombe
Photographer: Katarina Tamova
Cast crystal from a 2000 year old yew tree
Ancient Welsh Font
Photographer: Katarina Tamova
This compicated crystal bowl is cast from the imprint of an ancient font that we found on our journey to sacred sites.
Thames Riverbed Copper
Photographer: Katarina Tamosova
Cast from the bed of the Thames

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