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Farm Collection

About this project

This collection of work is a statement of acceptance of who I am as a maker.

"And I feel the clutches of Wales gripping my chest. God forbid I cannot escape from here" - This couplet from Welsh Poet T H Parry Williams is repeated on two bowls to emphasize that my Welsh farming background is a big part of my identity and forms an important part of my inspirations for my practice.


£150 — £320


wood, Welsh, farming




Wood, Mixed Media
Sheep shearing blade bowl
Photographer: Miriam Jones
Reusing an old shearing blade and re purposing it as a decorative handle on a bowl.
Manifesto Bowls
Photographer: Miriam Jones
The white ash bowl represents me as a maker, the red Sapele bowl represents my Welsh background, without it my work become's hollow. Both bowls sit together to form one bowl, symbolizing that I become whole as a maker.
Sheep Horn Bowl
Photographer: Miriam Jones
Sheep scoop bowl
Photographer: Miriam Jones
Inspired by sheep scoop bowls, to scoop food.

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