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Elemental Moon talismans.

About this project

Inspired by the moons effect on water here on earth & the positive effects of earth crystals. Each piece is created especially for the wearer. Great care is taken to select stone by their healing colurs & healing vibrational properies.
I use recycled copper pipes to create each piece that have had decades of water flowing through them.


£300 — £1000


moon, celestial, talisman, healing, silversmithing, recycled jewellery, recycled, diamonds, gem setting, personal jewellery


Jewellery, Metal work, Conceptual, Design, Silversmithing


Gems, Metal, Recycled, Precious metal, Stone
Copper Moon talisman for navigation.
Photographer: Melissa Hampson-Smith
Handheld navigation device. Heirloom jewelry with healing stones.
Recycled copper moon talisman necklace.
Photographer: Melissa Hampson-Smith
Hand cut, textured with Cornish beach stone, patina layers added through creation processes. Set with Rose Cut Peach moonstone, Labradorite, Sun Stone & Lapis Lasuli cabochon.
Back view of stones with light shining through of the Moon talisman.
Photographer: Melissa Hampson-Smith
Collections of stones grouped for their properties & color giving light. Small viewing hole with Eco-Silver also on each piece for viewing eclipses or navigating long distances.
Copper Moon talisman detail.
Photographer: Melissa Hmapson-Smith
Eco-Silver viewing hole, Black Tourmalinated Quartz, Peach Moonstone, Sunstone set on hand worked & patinated Copper.

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