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Moon brooches.

About this project

All pieces are hand cut & worked by hand with found beach stones from my walks in Cornwall.  Each piece is created individually to commission.
Making a connection between our moon & our ocean by texturing metals with ocean weathered beach stones.


£185 — £285


Moon, brooch, Sterling silver, Eco-Silver, Beach stones, Silversmith, Contemporary, space travel, Cornwall, space port


Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Metal work, Stone working, Silversmithing, Traditional


Metal, Stone, Precious metal, Recycled, Organic Material
Sterling Eco-Silver moon brooch with Patina.
Photographer: MJHS
Hand cut & textured with Cornish beach stones from my walks here in Cornwall. Hallmarked in London. 3.5 CM
Eco-Silver Moon Brooch.
Photographer: MJHS
Hand cut & textured with Cornish Beach Stones. Recycled Sterling Silver Eco-Silver Hallmarked in London. Patina retained. 3.5cm

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Planets, intergalactic space travel, navigation tools.

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Silversmithing, Traditional, Metal work, Stone working, Traditional, Conceptual, Technology
Materials Precious metal, Recycled, Plastics, Gems, Stone

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Elemental Moon talismans.

Disciplines Jewellery, Metal work, Conceptual, Design, Silversmithing
Materials Gems, Metal, Recycled, Precious metal, Stone