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Planet Mars colonisation & Algae project

About this project

Inspired by space travel, the descovery of Algae on the outside of the space station & experiments with Algae sent to the space station.
How might we colonise Mars in the future?
How could Algae play a part in this?
Recycling carbondioxide, producing food, plastics, protection against harmfull effects of microgravity & radiation exposure, bio diesel could all potentially be provided by Algae.


£300 — £1000


Space jewellery, space travel, unique jewellery, spacestation, future colonies, Contemporary brooch


Jewellery, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Design, Metal work, Technology


Gems, Stone, Precious metal, Recycled, Metal
Colonisation of Mars & Algae brooch
Photographer: Melissa Hampson-Smith
Recycled copper plumbing pipe is cut & worked by stone. I build up texture & patina through the creation process. A slice of Jade is set with recycled Sterling Silver to represent Space Travel & Algaes part in this processs.

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