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About this project

Making city pigeons from small pieces of altered fabrics. The fabrics are pulled apart, restitched and rewoven, then hand stitched onto a cotton body base form. Taking the fabrics almost to the point of extinction, then holding them tenuously together, to express the fragility of the lives these birds live on our urban streets.


£280 — £400


bird, pigeon, textiles, sewing, hand sewn, animals




Wood Pigeon
Photographer: own image
A hand stitched mixed media textiles piece based, loosely, on the wood pigeons that visit our garden
posh pigeon detail
Photographer: own image
altered textiles with loosely worked stitching
posh pigeon
Photographer: own image
two pigeons
Photographer: own photograph
A pair of pigeons made by altering and stitching together small pieces of fabrics.
little pigeon
Photographer: own image
pigeon made from appliqu├ęd altered fabrics, with sashiko-inspired stitch details and wired legs and tail

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