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About this project

Insects are a constant source of wonder when it comes to creating fabric versions of them - so many possibilities in all those limbs, wings, curious heads and bodies. These are just some of my interpretations, some more literal than others.


£75 — £170


insect, insects, creatures, textiles, mixed media, hand stitched, animals, bugs




Textiles, Mixed Media, Metal
shield bug
Photographer: own image
A cute creature modelled on a green shield bug, hand stitched in textiles. There is wire in the limbs and card in the base to keep it flat.
sliver moth
Photographer: own image
A gentle moth creature with silvery, semi-translucent wings, hand stitched in textiles. There is wire in the lower legs and card inside the base to keep it flat.
Photographer: own image
A looser interpretation of a joyful generic insect, all in various pinks, with springy copper wire legs. It is hand stitched, and there is card inside the base to keep it flat.
Wood louse
Photographer: own image
Inspired by the discovery that there is a huge range of local names across Britain for this creature. I chose my local name, slater, along with a couple of my other favourites. It is hand stitched and embroidered, with wire in limbs and antennae. There is card in the base for stability.
vomiting insect
Photographer: own image
A loose interpretation of an exuberant upright insect, with the emphasis firmly on materials. The arms have upcycled wire from spiral-bound notebooks. There is also wire in the legs, and card in the base for stability.

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