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Freeform animals

About this project

A never-ending series of one-off creatures that are part doll, part animal inspired. They are all quite anthropomorphic in character, and humorous, and emerge very much without plan.


£35 — £150


animals, one-off, hand stitched, anthropomorphic, textiles, fabric, freeform, materials first




Mixed Media, Recycled, Textiles
three small creatures
Photographer: own image
Three tiny critters made entirely without plan. I challenged myself to only use the (admittedly huge range of) fabrics in one of my scraps drawers. All are hand stitched and embroidered.
Elvis in Venice
Photographer: own image
A joy to make, this started out with memories of the film Death in Venice, the young protagonist posing with outstretched arm in the sea - but it emerged with a hint of Elvis. It is hand stitched textiles, with wire in the legs, and an old guitar string for arms. There is card in the base for stability.
dready bear
Photographer: own image
Made from old teddy bear remnants this poor creature is what could happen when multiple unskilled repairs happen to an aging bear. Hand stitched textiles with one glass eye and one button one.
punk chick
Photographer: own image
A vibrant upright chicken in punk glam chic, resplendent in crepe, chains and safety pins. There is wire in the legs and card inside the base for stability.
three squirrels
Photographer: own image
A trio of squirrels of different character: toothy pale-faced squirrel; squirrel of hesitant nature; bold grey squirrel. All are hand stitched.

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