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Staffordshire pottery-inspired work

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About this project

Although in my former ceramics practice I made vessels, not animals, I always loved Staffordshire wares. Staffordshire pottery animals are so exuberantly joyful, characterful, vital and obviously made by hand that I cannot help but be inspired by them. Many of those traits correspond quite closely to the character I want to create in much of my work, so I couldn’t resist making textile versions of the ceramic originals.


£170 — £400


animal, pottery, staffordshire pottery, horse, dog, cow, cow creamer, creamer, embroidered




Dick Turpin, Total Hero
Photographer: own image
A mixed media textile tribute to Staffordshire Pottery figures of romantic highwayman Dick Turpin
The Leopard that Changed its Spots
Photographer: own image
A mixed textile hand stitched piece with embroidered details
Whippety dog
Photographer: own image
A hand stitched mixed textiles piece with card inside base, inspired by Staffordshire pottery dogs. 2017
Haughty pooch
Photographer: own image
A hand stitched mixed media textiles piece, of a rather regal-looking poodle. 2017
Staffordshire horse
Photographer: own image
A textile version of a Staffordshire pottery horse, hand sewn and embroidered.

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