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Mindful Jewels 2015

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About this project

These jewels are created to be beautiful in their own right, but also specifically made to fit in the hand, to be held and touched, or to encourage a mindful awareness. These jewels are pendants - hanging, to be easily accessible, their weight a reminder of their presence.

Created from soft braids, carved soapstone, and solid metal, as the stones are held, worn and used over time, their shapes will gradually change and adapt as they are handled to grow to fit their wearer even better.


£175 — £995


soapstone, kumihimo, braiding, braids, electroforming, silver, gold, copper


Jewellery, Stone working, Textiles, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Design


Textiles, Stone, Precious metal, Mixed Media
Mindful Jewel
Photographer: Image Bronagh Miskelly
Soapstone, silver and textile - hanging jewel
Mindful Jewels
Photographer: Image - Penny Akester
Individually carved and electroformed soapstone pendants
Mindful Jewels
Photographer: Image - Bronagh Miskelly
Hand carved soapstone with braided cords
Mindful Jewels - Piece A - 2015 - Penny Akester
Photographer: Bronagh Miskelly
Carved soapstone, electroforming, handmade braided cords
Mindful Jewels - Piece L - 2015 - Penny Akester
Photographer: Bronagh Miskelly
Hand carved soapstone, steel wire, handmade braided cords

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