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TCJE 2016 - An Artist's Power

About this project

For the Contemporary Jewellery Exchange - international jewellery exchange project - I created this piece as an artists talisman.

Key to an artists power, right from the start is a pencil - with its core of Graphite. This piece grew from the unique surface texture and structure of this rock.

Used by an artist to draw with when an idea strikes, to wear so that they are never without the means to record ideas, to carry and protect this power, or to re-charge when inspiration is needed.


graphite, power, tcje, power of an artist


Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Metal work, Stone working


Gems, Metal, Stone, Textiles
An Artists Power
Photographer: Penny Akester
Raw graphite, copper and silver, handmade braided cord
TCJE 2016 - An Artists Power - Ring - Penny Akester
Photographer: Penny Akester
Graphite, Copper, SIlver
TCJE 2016 - An Artists Power - Penny Akester
Photographer: Penny Akester
Copper, Silver, Graphite, Handmade braided cord

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