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About this project

A versatile cabinet with four sliding doors made of English brown oak and 4,000 year old bog oak from the Cambridgeshire fens.

The rich honey colour of the brown oak provides a frame to the stunning bog oak sliding doors. Chip carved handles along the edge of the doors provide an interesting detail to the eye and hand revealing a rich internal space, this detail is carried through into the dark bog oak legs.


£6000 — £8000


brown oak, bog oak, cabinet, drinks cabinet, music cabinet, sliding doors




brown oak and bog oak sideboard
Photographer: M Paré
Striking contrast between 4,000 bog oak and brown oak
brown oak sideboard with bog oak doors and legs
Photographer: M Paré
Side dos open to reveal matching dovetailed drawers. Space underneath is suitable for LP storage
brown oak sideboard with bog oak sliding doors and legs.
Photographer: M Paré
Central doors open to reveal movable shelf and cable management port. The robust solid wood construction would allow for an exceptional hifi storage cabinet
Brown oak and bog oak sideboard
Photographer: M Paré
Side view with dovetailed drawer open.
Chip carved bog oak detail
Photographer: M Paré
Hand chip carved detail provides an interesting detail and acts as a great texture to allow you to easily slides the drawers

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