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About this project

The breastplate is a form I have used intermittently over the last decade and it connects past works with the present. Although the breastplate protects, it also represents a certain vulnerability at a given time, acting as a metaphor for fragility and strength. The breastplates incorporate motifs, images and textures which explore the recurrent themes and concerns in my work.


£900 — £10000


cuirass, linoleum cut, transfers, gilding, reflection


Glass, Conceptual, Printing


Glass, Mixed Media
The Human Presence in teh Absence of a Figure
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
An installation view from the solo show 'Lost and Found' at the Musée-Atelier in northern France. The series of 7 breastplates take inspiration from an abandoned zinc architectural detail emblematic of the area together with imagery inspired by writings, quotations, road maps and other architectural details.
The Custodian of Memory
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
A silvered breastplate which reflects back its surrounding while at the same time distorting them. It provides the vehicle for an on going series of works using photography and video.
Human Shield I
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
One of a series of breastplates incorporating pomegranate imagery, linoleum printing and gilding.

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