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Feather Series

About this project

Over the past few years I have created a personal body of work in which spiritual and technical investigation go hand in hand. My most recent feather-based works deal with the concept of collective and individual identity: lost feathers, as traces of the journey made and remnants left behind.

The Feather Crown works draw inspiration from the American tradition of the 1900’s of preserving feather crowns formed inside pillows.


£90 — £2700


feather crowns, feathers, installations


Glass, Conceptual


Glass, Mixed Media
The Fallen
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
Site specific installation combining the glass feathers with photography.
Photographer: Joan Soto
Feather Crown
Photographer: Joan Soto
A wall-based installation, 80cms x 80cms, Feather Crown uses over 60 pate de verre feathers attached to canvas using stainless steel sewing pins. Red sewing thread has been used to link the pins and feathers and indicates the route taken: that is the necessary journey.

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