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This series of works is inspired by photographs taken of traces of wallpaper left clinging to the walls of recently demolished buildings and the way in which they give us an intimate glimpse of the past. Now exposed to the passer-by, these fragments are not only an indication of the time and tastes of their inhabitants, but become a metaphor for the memory. I have used wallpaper motifs to produce work ranging from architectural commissions to installations and one-off sculptures.


£1000 — £10000


Wallpaper, patterns, architectural glass, installation


Glass, Printing


Glass, Textiles, Wood
'Longing for the land of your memories..'
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
An installation view of a cast glass hanging panel and printing wheel in the distance taken at the solo show, 'Blind Faith' in Bruges.
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
Suspended glass panel (120cms x 80cms x 6mm) on which patterns and textures, reminiscent of fragments of old wallpaper are visible. The glass is printed with silver stain, then sand-blasted on both sides to achieve greater depth and intensify the light. When light passes through the glass, the shape of the design is projected onto the wall behind: a trace, a reminder.
Architectural glass commission
Photographer: Pippa Beveridge
This commission was designed as two walls of sand-blasted and printed float glass, 42 panels in total, to be located in the entrance hall of an office and private house in the Eixample area of Barcelona. The glass panels are supported by a metallic structure and consist of sections of float glass of varying dimensions on which patterns and textures, reminiscent of the fragments of old wallpaper and antique lace curtains, are visible.

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