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Round occasional table on three legs

About this project

This table was commissioned for a client in the Cotswolds. It was sited on an ancient but uneven floor and hence was made with three legs.

The table is 1500mm in diameter and 450mm high. The top was made from three wide boards, biscuit jointed together and routed, to get the round shape, and then chamfered under its edge. The base was made as a isosceles triangle with curved legs.


£2000 — £3000




Occasional table
Photographer: Rob Carter
Three legged table, steady on uneven floor
Base of round table
Photographer: Rob Carter
The three curved legs of the table were set as an isosceles triangle
Routing the tabletop
Photographer: Rob Carter
The tabletop was routered to get teh perfect round shape and the edge chamfered, reducing the edge from 30mm to about 12mm, giving the tabletop a lighter appearance.