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Bracket fungi series

About this project

This was a beautiful project! The brief was to make some shelving for a few glasses of wine. Being that is was for a tree, I felt the best partnership would be fungus but wanted to only use three fixings at most that would in time be enveloped by the trees as they grew. Turning the shelves into a changing and ever evolving sculpture that in time will become one with the tree and never be able to be parted. I polished the underside of the stainless but left the top to rust like lichen on wood.


£50 — £20000




Design, Furniture, Metal work


Metal, Mixed Media, Wood
Bracket Fungi 1 close up
Photographer: Rebecca Knott
The weight of the table/shelf hanging on the three fixings are all that holds it in place.
Bracket fungi 1
Photographer: Rebecca Knott
A single hang alone table enough for a bottle and several glasses.
Bracket fungi 2 & 3
Photographer: Rebecca Knott
A duo of Fungi reflecting there environment

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