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Bois Decoupes

About this project

Inspired by Matisse’s late paper cut pieces, this will be part of my submission to the Del Mano Turned & Sculpted online exhibition which starts August 2015. The wood is Sycamore it is first turned on a lathe then painstakingly pierced by hand.This stage takes the longest in most cases several days in many weeks. There is no margin for error. The finished object is light and delicate. Shadows cast create a story of their own. It is completely unique as was the donor tree.


Pierced, Wood art, shadows, sycamore, tree, bowl




Piercing begins
Photographer: R Kennedy
You can see the initial shape of the turned form with the outline sketched onto the surface the right you see the tip of the carving tool, and a toothbrush used to clean the tiny holes.
Piercing done
Photographer: R Kennedy
Here the cutting out of the voids has begun. This is a critical phase of the project, I have spend almost 10 days piercing the surface any mistake spells the end for this piece. Work progresses slowly and carefully.
The final, and most risky, step involves cutting the rim. The rim has provided me with amazing structural strength to this point however its removal makes or breaks the finished object. apart from having to work incredibly gently sanding and finishing the edges that I cut, there is a risk that the entire piece will collapse if I haven't gauged the wall thickness correctly having spent almost 3 weeks getting to this point cutting the rim is a process that isn't undertaken lightly, indeed much thought was given as to whether or not to cut at all on this piece.