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Ring Stacks

About this project

All colours, sizes and forms are explored when putting together the cocktail rings collection. It’s a great favourite of mine and so I keep adding new designs all the time. From diamonds to tourmalines, sapphires, citrines, topaz, quartz and amethysts: all colours of the rainbow enhance interesting structural compositions in silver and gold.


£195 — £3500


gemstones, coctail rings, precious metals, ring stacks, diamonds, sapphires, fairtrade gold, silver, gold




Gems, Precious metal
Sapphires Stack
Photographer: Juliet Sheath
18ct fairtrade gold, sapphires
Diamond Bands
Photographer: Juliet Sheath
In 18t yellow and rose gold and/or silver gold and black rhodium plated set with different colour diamonds
Diamond Ring Stack III
Photographer: Juliet Sheath
5 different profile bands in 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, set with fancy facetted diamonds, plus one round rose cut diamond set on a 6th silver band.

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Materials Gems, Precious metal

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