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Turin Shroud fabric replica

About this project

I was asked for a sample piece for reasearch into the way the image was made on the Turin Shroud.  It’s linen 3/1 point twill at 40 ends/centimeter.  Not just the finest thing I’ve ever woven, but ‘interesting’, too, requiring minor modifications to the loom and lots of hard work.  Jobs like this are useful for technical learning.  It’s easy to go on doing the things that you know how to do.


Replica linen




3/1 point twill
Photographer: Ruth Gilbert
The current thinking among textile historians is that the Turin Shroud fabric is artists' canvas from the 14th century. This dense surface would certainly take paint well.
Weaving the Shroud fabric
Photographer: Ruth Gilbert.
That's all 1200 heddles crammed together in the width of the piece.

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