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Emotional Repair solo exhibition

About this project

Emotional Repair covered a wide range of personal and emotive subjects focused around loss and remembering and includes work made over the last two years as well as brand new pieces inspired by my research visits to Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. 
Touring to Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre 2019 as Textile Traces.


£150 — £500


heritage, museum, commission


Textiles, Conceptual, Printing


Textiles, Mixed Media
Photographer: Paul Lapsley Photography
Vintage handkerchief with rose embroidery as found, my hand embroidery in silk thread. This began with looking at ‘Forget Me Not’ embroideries in the collection. Sometimes though, it is better to forget than remember. Some things must be let go.
Not Mine
Photographer: Paul Lapsley Photography
Antique baby shirt, my hand embroidery Baby clothes mean different things to different people. There are many stories which go untold.
Traces (3)
Photographer: Paul Lapsley Photography
I believe this tray cloth was made by my paternal grandmother who died before I was born. I have recorded and preserved the stitching using printing techniques before unpicking the colourful embroidery and leaving just the traces of needle marks and thread shadow behind. By reworking my grandmother’s work I hope to give it a new life, a new meaning. The processes I use to make these pieces honour the invisible traces of textile inheritance my grandmother left me.
Desperation Darning
Photographer: Joanne Withers
Worn out duster, hand embroidery The act of trying desperately to hold together something which is beyond repair.
Photographer: Joanne Withers
Human hair, hand embroidery Self portrait of my own eye, stitched with donated human hair. Inspired by a fragile hair embroidery in the Gawthorpe collection.

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