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Hot landscapes

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About this project

Made after an inspirational trip to Australia.

Wheel thrown bowls, slab built ellipses and flat forms. Dry white matt glaze decorated with coloured and metallic lustres. Glaze fired to 1250 centigrade in an oxidized kiln, and then after the lustre application, fired again to 800 centigrade.


£95 — £300


stoneware, lustre, wheel thrown, slab built


Ceramics, Pottery


hot landscape bowls
Photographer: rosie morris
white matt glazed wheel thrown lustred bowls diameters 27,24,20 cm
hot landscape ellipse
Photographer: rosie morris
slab built stoneware lustred ellipse h26cm
flat hot landscape
Photographer: rosie morris
stoneware slab form with white matt glaze and coloured lustres width 36cm

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