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Inspired by Harvest

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About this project

This body of work is inspired by harvest. Colourful terracotta range decorated with slip and beautiful brushstrokes.


£25 — £500


Slip decorated, terracotta


Ceramics, Pottery


Large vessel
Photographer: Emma Gutteridge
Terracotta vessel with scalloped slip decoration and leather handle. Partially glazed. Unglazed surfaces polished with natural bees wax. H 37 cm W 30 cm
Bowl with leather handles
Photographer: Emma Gutteridge
Large bowl W 50 cm H 7 cm. Made in terracotta and painted with slip.
Terracotta tableware
Photographer: Emma Gutteridge
Slip casted terracotta glazed on the inside only. Decorated with coloured slip.
Large platter
Photographer: Emma Gutteridge
Flat terracotta platter with leather handles. Decorated with coloured slip. W 26 cm L 50 cm
Small platter
Photographer: Emma Gutteridge
Small terracotta flat platter with leather handle. W 28 cm L 40 cm

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