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2017 Collection - Keepsake

About this project

The Keepsake Collection is inspired by collecting small objects as a child. Objects that were used as props to extend imaginative play.
These objects are Found Skeleton Keys, Collections of stamps from around the world and matchboxes holding pet insects and stones.
This collection has three distinctive patterns, which adorn a range of knitted accessories, from fingerless mittens, snoods to infinity scarves and headbands.


£30 — £80


Lambswool, knitwear, knitted accessories, nostalgia, knit




Lyklar Twisted Snood
Photographer: Antonia Sullivan
Handmade Twisted Snood adorned in a golden mustard and white pattern of keys, surrounded by a scandinavian diamond. Modelled by Johanna Keeler-Schäffeler
Keepsake Collection at The National Centre for Craft + Design
Photographer: Faye Parker
Headbands and snoods on display at The National Centre for Craft + Design.
Lyklar Wrist Warmers
Photographer: Antonia Sullivan
Modelled by Johanna Keeler-Schäffeler - Handmade wrist warmers adorned in a key pattern using golden yellow and white with a vivid red trim

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