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2018 Collection

About this project

Handmade Lambswool Knitwear inspired by a range of childhood memories. From candle lit rooms to hard boiled sweets.
Each piece is made using Woolmark certified lambswool, adorned in an intricate and playful fair isle pattern.


£36 — £72


wool, lambswool, childhood, nostalgia, fair isle knitting, fair isle, knitwear, knit, knitting, textile design




Detail of Greta + Petra Loop Scarves
Photographer: Antonia Sullivan
Detail of handmade loop scarves in lambswool. Adorned in Greta (Left) + Petra (Right). Greta is a pattern inspired by Scandinavian candle lit rooms. Petra is inspired by games drawn up by children's imaginations.
Atti Wrist Warmers
Photographer: Antonia Sullivan
Handmade lambswool wrist warmers, adorned in an intricate fair isle pattern inspired by the details of vintage match boxes.
Quinn + Greta Twisted Snoods
Photographer: Antonia Sullivan
Handmade Twisted Snoods adorned in Greta (left) and Quinn (Right) patterns. Greta is inspired by Scandinavian candle lit rooms where Quinn is inspired by rolling hoop games.

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