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Collect Open 2019 - West South West

About this project

Selected for Collect Open 2019, West South West is a glass wall installation reflecting the fragile Bronze Age landscape of the far West of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly over the summer of 2018. Fragments of imagery are layered within kiln formed and water jet cut glass, mapping the shapes and contours of lichens and ancient stones. Individual pieces mirror both the wider landscape and small, close up details, floated slightly away from the wall surface to cast shadows.


£650 — £15000


Collect open 2019, Bullseye glass, Kilnformed, waterjet cut, installation, landscape, interiors, commissions




West South West glass wall installation - section
Photographer: Darren Newbery, Eastwood Studio
Waterjet cut and kilnformed Bullseye glass discs, 26 sections in overall installation [260cm x 280cm
West South West - individual glass disc, 25cm x 25cm
Photographer: Darren Newbery, Eastwood Studios
This kilnformed glass disc echoes the moors, ancient stone shapes and detailed surfaces of Tregeseal, a Bronze Age site in West Cornwall
West South West - kilnformed glass oval, 31cm x 38cm
Photographer: Susan Kinley
This individual panel from the West South West glass wall installation reflects overview and close up surface details of a coastal Bronze Age site on the Isles of Scilly.

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