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Glass and Place

About this project

My work in glass is linked to specific locations, related to changes of perspective, aerial views, and close up details. Island Fields is part of several works developed from aerial photography over the Scillies, combined with mapping Bronze Age field patterns in Cornwall. For Marazion Marshes - Time Lapse I visited the marshes over four months, eventually recording the calligraphic qualities of reeds and water lit up on a particularly golden late afternoon in a series of fired glass discs.


£800 — £5000


Place, water, aerial views, mapping, fields, perspective, islands, patterns




Glass, Mixed Media
Island Fields
Photographer: Rob Jewel
Island Fields [70cm x 60cm] combines water jet cut glass with fired fragments of aerial photographs of the Isles of Scilly. Shapes are drawn from ancient field systems in West Penwith, Cornwall. Laminated to a glass backing sheet, this panel 'floats'away from a wall surface to cast shadows. Nine panels are available, as individual works, or grouped as a larger wall installation.
Marazion Marshes - Time Lapse
Photographer: Mike Newman
This wall installation of 25 glass discs [overall size 150cm x 125cm] has recently been exhibited at Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank. Although now purchased, similar pieces can be commissioned.
Leaf Fan [Detail]
Photographer: Rob Jewel
In 12 sections, these wall mounted, shaped and fired glass pieces echo man made and natural structures - the wind farms inland and along the cornish coast, and the blades of a sycamore tree as they spin and drift gently to the ground. 180cm x 130cm

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