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The Botanical Collection - Artwork

About this project

Kew Gardens was the inspiration for this portfolio, “The Botanical
Collection”. I have a series of hand embroidered pieces of framed artwork ranging in scale. Working from photographs I have taken, I draw and then created repeat surface patterns. These have been digitally printed onto fabric, and then I have embroidered and bead highlights of colour into them.


£300 — £700


hand embroidered, hand drawn, textile, surface print design, botanical design, botanical surface pattern, beaded, wall hanging, artwork


Design, Textiles


Multi Hummingbirds Artwork
Photographer: Photographer: Susannah Weiland
The original hand embroidered and beaded artwork, glass framed
Pink Kew Peacocks Artwork
Photographer: Photographer: Yeshen Venema
The original hand embroidered and beaded Pink Kew Peacocks artwork which has been reproduced to create a surface print
Light Green Kew Peacock Artwork
Photographer: Photographer: Susannah Weiland
One off hand embroidered and beaded Peacock artwork, all my embroideries are created using a hoop, needle, threads and beads.

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Materials Textiles